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Medicines Procedure


We aim to promote the good health of the children and take necessary steps to administer medicines in accordance with parents' wishes and General Practitioner's (GP's) prescriptions.

  • All medical needs and general state of health are recorded on the 'registration forms' during the initial induction session. These forms are added to the child's personal file and stored within the office in a locked  filling cabinet
  • We record information about each child's health needs in her/his  registration records and parents sign and date to signify that it is correct.
  • We regularly consult with parents to ensure that our records of their children's medical needs - including any allergies - are up-to-date. Parents sign the updated medical record to signify that it is correct.
  • We will always try to contact parents/guardians before giving any un- prescribed medication i.e. Calpol, ibuprofen, teething gels/powders, eczema  cream etc...
  • Medicines prescribed or un-prescribed will not be administered unless prior permission is given by the parent
  • Written permission for the administration of un-prescribed medicines must be clear and precise and state the health issue it relates to.
  • Short-term illnesses and medical conditions needing treatment are recorded  on a Medical Consent form which details the medicine type, dosage and  administration times. This form applies to prescribed medicines as well as over- the-counter treatments such as Calpol, teething gel, eczema cream etc.
  • Medicines, including inhalers, are kept away from children in the office, where they are easily accessible to staff in an emergency
  • Bottled medicines are locked away in the medicine cabinet which is stored  upon the wall in the staff room only the Head/Deputy Head and two Senior  Practitioners have access.
  • Un-prescribed medication will be kept for no longer than 6 months after being opened.
  • Medication will be administered by a qualified Early Years Practitioner, whom will be qualified to level 3 or above
  • Once medication has been administered by the relevant staff member it is  recorded along with the time and date within the unit's medicine booklet and  counter signed by a senior staff member i.e. Head/Deputy Head, Senior Practitioner
  • We don't administer any medicines without parental consent.
  • A child will never by given medicine containing aspirin unless it has been prescribed for by the family doctor.
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