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Food and Drink Policy

The University of Bradford Nursery regards meal times as an important part of the day.  Eating represents a social time and the staff members encourage open communication during these periods.  We promote healthy eating through, not only our daily meals but also activities and resources within the environment.  We provide nutritious meals throughout the day, which meets the children’s individual dietary needs.


  • Breakfast and a light afternoon snack is prepared and served by members of the staff team who hold a current food hygiene certificate. 
    NB afternoon snack is as it states a light snack which is offered as a small refreshment to tide the children over until they have their tea time meal at home. 
  • We ensure that the children receive at least a minimum of four portions of fruit and/or vegetables a day these are served during breakfast, lunch and afternoon meals, as well as a drink of milk, water or fresh fruit juice.
  • Fresh water is accessible to the children throughout the day.
  • Our daily menus are devised especially for the nursery in consultation with the University of Bradford’s head chef as well as parent/carers. 
  • The menus are balanced to ensure that the children’s individual dietary and health needs are met. 
  • We are able to cater for individual children with special dietary requirements.
  • The menus are reviewed and revised on a 6 monthly basis to meet any changing food policies, seasonal changes and dietary needs; we draw information and inspiration from many sources, i.e. Governmental Health advice, Jamie Oliver’s school dinners etc…  
  • The menus are rotated over four weeks; to view these please ask a staff member or see the parent/carers notice board in the entrance. 
  • Nursery attained a 5 star rating for Food Hygiene Provisions within nursery in February 2014.
  • Parents with children within the buttercup unit are required to provide us with the necessary formula milk for their baby.  Where possible we promote breast milk, encourage parents to consider this feeding form and make necessary changes to accommodate any breast feeding mummies.
  • We ask that the milk is supplied in un-opened container as strict rules & regulations governing nursery states we can only use formulated milk for 4 weeks maximum from the date it is opened, after this point the milk will be thrown away or returned to the parents. 
  • Sterilised bottles and teats for under 1’s will be provided by nursery and the practitioner will make up the milk feeds as required, this is to stop cross contamination. 
  • All feeding equipment for babies under one will be sterilised before use.
  • All milk feeds are made up following the correct procedure and as and when required.
  • All foods which are provided by nursery can be blended to the correct consistency for weaning purposes and our practitioners are always happy to help you and your baby through the weaning process.                            
  • A ‘Well balanced diet’ is provided during all meal times these are; breakfast 8am – 9am, dinner 11.30am and light snack 3.00-3.45pm.  We encourage self-service were possible.
  • Documents with regards to dietary requirements are stored confidentially with access for staff members only. 
  • The relevant hygiene and safety procedures will be followed whilst handling food (please refer to our food serving policy).
  • Information on dietary needs will be sort from the relevant food agencies.
  • The correct coloured chopping boards are used.
  • The fridge & freezer temperatures are monitored, and recorded daily.
  • Foods are stored in the correct manner at all times
  • Best before dates are continuously monitored
  • Children are taken to the bathroom and have their hands washed before and after each meal/snack.
  • Children are encouraged to try a variety of different foods
  • Children are encouraged to feed themselves: a member of staff is always on hand to help
  • Staff members are required to sit with the children during meal times and encouraged them to eat within a social environment.
  • No sweet treats will be given, if you would like to bring treats in on your child’s birthday you may do so, however these will remain unopened and be sent home with the children at the end of the day. 
  • If you choose to bring a birthday cake on your child’s birthday you may do so, happy birthday will be sang and then the cake will be sent home at the end of the session
  • We ask that sweet treats and/or crisps are not brought into the building at any other occasion other than a child’s birthday. These treats will then be given out at the end of the day.
  • If your child is eating any form of ‘junk food’ when entering the unit the food will either need to be removed or your child will need to be taken into the foyer until it has been eaten.
  • No cordial juice or fizzy pop will be given to the children at nursery at any time, only milk or water will be served.
  • We would encourage you to use healthy eating strategies also within the children’s home environment and that if you would like any advice on how  best to promote this at home then please speak to a member of staff or your child’s health visitor.