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Fire Evacuation Procedure

What you have to do if you discover fire:-


i.e.   Break the nearest alarm point glass

Alarms are situated as follows:-

  • 2 sited in the Main Entrance by the front and back doors.
  • 1 sited in the Hallway by the double doors.
  • 2 sited in Daisy room by the external doors.
  • 2 sited in Sunflower room by the external doors.
  • 1 sited by Daffodils external doors.

EVACUATE THE BUILDING using the fire doors in each unit.

Meet at Assembly Point 24, to the rear of the Nursery in the grassed garden area .

Due to there being up to 14 babies and toddlers in the nursery, it is felt appropriate that the Deputy Head will go and assist with their evacuation.

Remember all children's registers should be taken with you.
If further access away from Nursery is required:

We will use the gate into the tennis courts
-Walk across to the gate in the dividing fence to the left
-Walk across the court to the gate in the middle of the outer fence then walk along the outside of the courts to the car park at the bottom of the courts.

The Head of Nursery, or in her absence, the deputy, will take the children's register from the office, PLUS the tennis court key, and a mobile phone.