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Dr Russell Delderfield

Dr Russell Delderfield

Male Eating Disorders Researcher

Expertise: disordered eating, qualitative, social psychology of eating disorders, counselling and psychotherapy for male eating disorders, masculinities and Critical Men’s Studies, misandry, masculism, philosophy and methodology of qualitative research, hermeneutics for social psychology, researcher development, person-centred practice, reflective practice

Dr Deldefield's doctoral study was entitled Exploring male disordered eating: a hermeneutic study of men’s relationships with food, body and self. Russell's work applies social psychology in a field dominated by medical discourses. His research uses stories to explore issues of identity, selfhood, gender, masculinities and eating disorder. He is also working on understandings of misandry within society, the philosophical underpinnings of masculism as a counterpart to feminism, and the nature of qualitative inquiry when using interpretive approaches such as hermeneutics, phenomenology, IPA, discourse analysis, narrative analysis, memory work, biographical work and dialogical analysis. 

He is also interested in pedagogic and andragogic work that explores social and emotional aspects of learning, person-centred practice and, in particular, reflective practice.

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