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Professor Fiona Macaulay

Professor Fiona Macaulay

Professor of Gender, Peace and Development

Expertise: Brazil, criminal justice systems, prisons, human rights, feminicide, police and politics, gender-based violence, police reform, police training, women in politics, Brazilian politics

Professor Macaulay’s research interests focus on politics and society in Latin America, especially Brazil. 

She has published widely on gender policies (violence against women, political representation, public policy processes), political parties (especially the Workers' Party in Brazil) and informal political processes, human rights, and reform issues in the criminal justice system, in particular police reform and prison reform.

She previously worked for Amnesty International as their Brazil researcher, and worked with the Brazilian Forum on Public Security to produce a guide for Brazilian police on gender-based violence. 

Professor Macaulay is recognised as the leading UK expert on prison conditions and extradition requests by the Brazilian authorities. 

She has been interviewed for media including the BBC, The Guardian and France 24, and, as a fluent Portuguese speaker, she has appeared on various Brazilian outlets. She can also interview in Spanish.

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