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Experts in Health

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Dr Andrew Daly-Smith

Reader in Healthy Children

Expertise: Childhood, physical activity, health in children


Dr Beth Fylan

Associate Professor in Patient Safety

Expertise: Patient Safety, medicines optimisation


Dr Eleanor Bryant

Associate Professor in Health and Eating Behaviour Psychology

Expertise: Diet and behaviour, appetite, psychology, obesity

Health, Psychology

Dr Giorgia Previdoli

Honorary Visiting Researcher, Wolfson Centre for Applied Health Research

Expertise: Medicines management for older people, intervention co-design, patient and public involvement in healthcare research


Dr Jacobo Elies Gomez

Assistant Professor in Pharmacology

Expertise: Pharmacology/Physiology, cardiovascular disease, skin diseases


Dr Julia Beaumont

Lecturer in Biological Anthropology

Expertise: Teeth, dental development, isotopes, palaeodiet, forensic dentistry, collagen, neonatal, maternal health

Anthropology, Archaeology, Health

Mr Jamie Beck

Lecturer in School of Allied Health Professions and Sport

Expertise: Education, trauma, forensic science, sports medicine

Forensic science, Health, Sport

Professor Anne Graham

Head of School of Chemistry & Biosciences

Expertise: Inflammation, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, endothelial cells, cell signalling, MAP kinase, angiogenesis, microRNA

Biomedical science, Chemistry, Health

Professor Brendan Barrett

Professor of Visual Development

Expertise: Amblyopia, vision and sport, vision and reading

Health, Optometry, Vision

Professor Daniel Neagu

Professor of Computing

Expertise: Artificial intelligence, toxicology, software engineering, online social networks, data quality, big data, healthcare

Artificial intelligence, Computer science, Health

Professor Edward Mallen

Head of Bradford School of Optometry and Vision Science

Expertise: refractive error, accommodation control, neural adaptation to blur, adaptive optics

Health, Optometry, Vision

Professor Liz Breen

Director of the Digital Health Enterprise Zone

Expertise: Supply chains, logistics and operational management (especially relating to Covid/Brexit), medicine optimisation, digital innovation, patient safety, process analysis and risk management.

Economics, Health

Professor Marcus Rattray

Professor of Pharmacology

Expertise: Neuroprotection, astrocytes, addiction, motor neurone disease, pharmacology

Health, Pharmacy

Professor Peter Gardner

Professor of Healthcare, Quality and Security

Expertise: Healthcare safety, patient safety, E-health, health technology


Professor Stephen Rimmer

Head of School of Chemistry and Biosciences, and Professor of Chemistry

Expertise: Polymers, Biomaterials, Radical Polymerisation, Cationic Polymerisation, Polyurethanes, Emulsion Polymerisation, Smart Polymers, Anti-microbial agents, Tissue Engineering, Drug delivery

Chemistry, Health

Professor Udy Archibong

Pro Vice-Chancellor Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Expertise: equality, inclusion, diversity

Health, Leadership