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Experts in Environment

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Professor Claudia Trillo

Professor of Architecture

Expertise: Architecture, sustainability, housing, heritage


Professor Engobo Emeseh

Head of Law School

Expertise: Law, environmental law, corporate social responsibility


Professor Gregory Watts

Professor of Environmental Acoustics

Expertise: sustainable environments, environmental engineering, road traffic noise, traffic, urban and rural open spaces, tranquillity


Professor Owen Greene

Professor of International Security and Development

Expertise: non-proliferation and disarmament, regional security, conflict prevention, climate change, ozone depletion, sea pollution, Europe, East Asia, West Africa, South Asia

Environment, International relations, Politics, Security

Professor Prathivadi Anand

Head of Peace Studies and International Development

Expertise: environmental economics, sustainable human development, right to water, institutional economics, governance, accountability, China, India

Economics, Environment, Politics