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Professor Claudia Trillo

Professor Claudia Trillo

Professor of Architecture

Expertise: Architecture, sustainability, housing, heritage

Professor Trillo is a chartered architect in the UK and Italy with 25 years' experience in practice and academia. She has a strong research interest in Agenda 2030 and related Sustainable Development Goals, as trickled down to architectural and urban design and regeneration, housing, heritage and digital technologies. 

Professor Trillo has taught urban and architectural design at the Universities of Naples, Ulster, Salford and Bradford and lectured in Europe, USA and Middle East. Her achievements include a Fulbright in the USA and successful completion of various projects on sustainable innovation districts, heritage conservation and digital technologies, slums and informal cities regeneration, socio-economic urban regeneration.

She has co-authored the book, Sustainable Urban Regeneration, which looks at a novel methodology to assess socio-environmental sustainability of housing regeneration schemes. Other work looks at the implementation of digital technologies to support heritage conservation. 


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