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Experts in Archaeology

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Dr Jo Buckberry

Reader in Biological Anthropology

Expertise: Human osteology, paleopathology, trauma analysis, early medieval, medieval and post-medieval funerary archaeology

Anthropology, Archaeology

Dr Julia Beaumont

Lecturer in Biological Anthropology

Expertise: Teeth, dental development, isotopes, palaeodiet, forensic dentistry, collagen, neonatal, maternal health

Anthropology, Archaeology, Health

Professor Andrew Wilson

Chair in Forensic & Archaeological Sciences

Expertise: Biological Anthropology, archaeological human remains, ancient keratin remains, Mummy Studies, mummified human/faunal remains

Anthropology, Archaeology

Professor Chris Gaffney

Pro Vice-Chancellor-Research/Innovation

Expertise: archaeology, 3D visualisation and spatial analysis of data,geophysics, remote sensing

Archaeology, Forensic science

Professor Vincent Gaffney

Anniversary Chair in Landscape Archaeology

Expertise: Stonehenge, Durrington Walls, Doggerland, landscape archaeology, archaeological geographic information systems, prehistoric archaeology, Croatian archaeology, Roman archaeology, digital heritage