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Dr Andrew Wilson

Dr Andrew Wilson

Senior Lecturer in Forensic and Archaeological Sciences

Expertise: Biological Anthropology, archaeological human remains, ancient keratin remains, Mummy Studies, mummified human/ faunal remains

Andrew’s research interests lie at the interface between archaeological science, forensic science and conservation science.

He has led a number of digitisation and visualisation projects working with human and animal remains, that include ‘Digitised Diseases’, ‘From Cemetery to Clinic’(both JISC-funded) and ‘Visualising Animal Hard Tissues’ (AHRC/EPSRC Science & Heritage). He is part of the core management team on ‘Fragmented Heritage’ (AHRC Digital Transformations Theme Large Grant) and co-directs the RKT Hub ‘Bradford Visualisation’ (HEIF-supported).

Andrew also works within Biological Anthropology on archaeological human remains. He is known in particular for his bioarchaeological studies of ancient keratin remains (hair/ wool, nail). These tissues survive only under exceptional conditions within the archaeological record, which has meant working in the field of Mummy Studies with naturally preserved and artificially mummified human/ faunal remains recovered from extreme environments. These include frozen/ arid-desiccated remains from South America (e.g. frozen Inca child sacrifice victims from Volcán Llullaillaco), Greenland and Egypt; bog remains from NW Europe, cist burials and more recent 19th century archaeological contexts.

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