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COVID-19 Coronavirus: students and teaching activities

Answers relating to teaching and learning at the University of Bradford during the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

Your classes will go ahead virtually. This means that they will be online.  They may also be at a different time than they ran when they were delivered on campus. Your programme team will keep you up to date with what is happening and when and how you access it.  Remember to keep checking Canvas for announcements.  

Other members of your programme team – such as your Programme Leader, and Module Leaders will support you.  You can also contact our helpline 0300 004 0341 or contact us at at any time.  

Placements - Other than Health and Social Care

We recognise that placements and internships are varied, and therefore we are not taking a ‘one size fits all’ approach to our advice on whether they should continue. 

Our first priority is your safety, health and welfare.  Therefore, if you wish to cease attending your placement or internship, we will support your decision.  If your placement or internship is credit-bearing, we will work with you to ensure that you are not academically disadvantaged and that you can achieve your credit in an alternative way.  We will also support you to continue to develop your employability skills.  

We recognise that some of you may have some compelling reasons to stay on placement:  your placement or internship may be a source of income for you, and you may be concerned about losing this if you stop attending.  Alternatively, your work may be helping a small business to continue operating at this difficult time and you may wish to continue to support them.   Your placement provider may have made arrangements for you to work at home, and you may wish to continue to work in this way. If you do continue with your placement, you must observe any protocols your placement provider has put into place, and you must follow government guidance on handwashing and social distancing.    

We recommend that you discuss your plans with your Personal Academic Tutor or Placement Tutor (or the Careers and Employability Team if your placement or internship was arranged through them) – you can also contact us at  

You should follow all University guidance which is relevant for all our students. Additionally, your placement provider may have issued guidance to its employees and you should follow this too.

In particular, if you are on placement with the NHS or local authority services it is essential that you follow protocols set out by your placement provider and contact your placement tutor/supervisor if you are unsure about these.

Alternative placement activity will be provided when it becomes safe to do so, and wherever possible this will build on the placement experience you have already achieved. You will not experience any academic disadvantage as a result of this.

If a placement provider chooses to close or cancels a placement, then the University will support you to ensure that you are not disadvantaged in your studies and that you continue to develop your employability skills.

If your placement is credit-bearing, we may be able to support you to achieve your credit in other ways – contact your Personal Academic Tutor or Placement Tutor who can advise on this.  If you do need to complete your placement, we will support you to do so as soon as it is safe and practical to do so. We have procedures to confer degrees outside of our graduation ceremonies which we will enact if we need to to minimise any disruption to your career plans.

Placements - Health and Social Care Placements

Although we are committed to our placement partners, our first priority is your safety and wellbeing. We will undertake our own risk assessment and we will cancel placements if we do not think it is safe for you to continue.

You are free, of course, to make your own decision in relation to any paid employment or volunteering you may be undertaking, however this will not form part of your work towards your degree. If you are undertaking paid employment with the NHS, please do information your Personal Academic Tutor or Placement Supervisor, so that we can take this into account when undertaking risk assessments.