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Coronavirus (COVID-19) and accommodation

Frequently asked questions about staying in accommodation while at the University of Bradford during the coronavirus situation.

  • The Green is staying open
  • If you haven’t yet returned home, the government are advising that you must now stay where you are
  • If you have already returned home, please keep the University and The Green up to date with where you are
  • Let us know if you are self-isolating so we can support you
  • We are here to support you – you can contact us at

The Green will remain open and if you are living there you can continue to do so.  Please note that you should be observing social distancing within The Green, and self-isolating where necessary.  The Common Room has been closed to support social distancing. 

If you are self-isolating, please let us know so that we can stay in touch with you and ensure that you are ok – you can let us know by emailing

The University will be making contact with you to check whether you are still in residence in The Green or whether you have travelled home.  Please also ensure that you keep your ‘term time’ address and mobile number up to date in e:vision so we know where you are and can contact you. If you have not yet travelled home, please note that government advice is now that you should not attempt to do so, that you should stay at The Green and follow the advice available here.  If you need to buy food, we have put together a list of local facilities for you here.

We do understand that staying in your room can be lonely – we have put together some tips on looking after your mental health here.

We are also working on a virtual campus to keep you in touch with us and you can read about this here.

The Green will have staff on premises between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday, if you need anything. You can also contact the University if you need to – all of our support services are continuing to operate remotely (see our web pages for details on how to contact our services).  The University is also here to help you and you can contact us at

The Green are sharing regular communications with you all – do make sure they have an up to date email address for you so that you can receive these.

Although The Green is on University premises, it isn’t run by or owned by the University and is now managed by Homes for Students.  If you have a specific question about living at The Green, please contact Homes for Students directly at or call 01274 062 390 (opening hours: 8am until 6pm Monday to Friday).

Homes for Students have put up some advice on their website, which can find here. 

The University doesn’t own or manage any student accommodation, so this isn’t a decision we can make.  However, we are here to support you.  

Your first step is to contact your landlord and explain your situation.  Some landlords may agree to release you from your tenancy agreement early.  If they don’t - check your contract to see whether it contains a clause that will allow you to end your tenancy early. The Students’ Union can help you with this and you can contact them at You can also contact the University at

If you are receiving student finance, the Student Loans Company will still be paying your maintenance loan as normal at the start of the summer term.  If you are in financial hardship, you can contact us at for support and advice.

Please get in touch with us at  The government has put emergency legislation in place to ensure that no one can be evicted during the coronavirus crisis.  We will help you if you are in this situation. 

If you are in financial difficulties, we can also provide help and support – contact us at 

The HFS website has now been updated with information regarding COVID19. This information is relevant to all of their properties nationwide:

Arkwright House: IQ have provided detailed FAQs which you can find hereIQ will release students from their tenancy provided they are informed by 5pm on 9 April 2020 – please see here for details.