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Tune in to live-streamed 'mock trials' from Monday


Mock court case trial winner

The University of Bradford will be live-streaming a series of mock trials from Monday May 30 - and students will get the chance to win a car.

It is the second year the University’s School of Law has run the competition in conjunction with law firm Proctor & Hobbs.

Lecturer and solicitor Tuiya Tembo (pictured below) said the trials would now become an annual fixture.

She said: “Last year’s mock trials were so successful that we have decided to make them an annual event. We strive to give our students the best opportunities we can, and this competition not only gives them a chance to gain valuable experience but also to win a car, thanks to our very kind sponsors Proctor & Hobbs.”

Tuiya Tembo

Law firm Proctor & Hobbs will donate a smart car as first prize, as they did last year.

Aneesa Ehsan, who graduated in law from the University in 2014 and is a founding partner of Proctor & Hobbs, said: “We are a firm rooted in the community and this competition provides a chance to support students while providing lighthearted entertainment for the public.”

The Head of the School of Law, Prof Engobo Emeseh added: “The School is committed to enhancing student experience at the University in collaboration with a number of partners. The mock-trial is aimed at allowing students to develop their advocacy skills in our Lady Hale court which simulates the environment of a real world court. This will assist students to develop their advocacy skills.

“We are grateful to Proctor & Hobbs for generously sponsoring this event and proving once again that they are a firm committed to raising aspiration and talent in our community.”

Trials will take place in the University’s Lady Hale Court, a state of the art mock court named after, and opened by the then President of the UK Supreme Court, Baroness Brenda Hale in January 2020. The event will see students compete to win a smart car sponsored by Proctor and Hobbs and will be live-streamed on their official YouTube page, from May 30 to June 1.

Students will take on the roles of prosecution and defence while navigating three fictional - but very realistic - scenarios, including an assault following a YouTube prank-gone-wrong, a manslaughter charge and a theft.

The candidates shortlisted for the competition are Yacoob Ahmed, Hussain Alkachkach, Melody Amadi, Jennifer Hirst, Odinaka Stan-Ugbene and Tyler Parkinson.

Law students training in a classroom

(Image, above: law students training)

Assistant Professor Ian Miller, who is also a practising barrister, said: “There is a public fascination with court cases in general and part of that is due to the fact they very often revolve around real-life dramas, and issues such as right and wrong, and justice.

“In that sense, the cases our students will be taking on reflect reality. As a University we’re proud to be able to offer them this opportunity and to be able to run these mock trials in a realistic setting.”

About Proctor & Hobbs

Proctor & Hobbs specialises in criminal defence, civil and commercial litigation, personal injury, immigration and intellectual property and has offices in Pakistan and Dublin and one opening soon in London, with partners in Australia and South Africa. It already offers placements for University of Bradford students, including one nine-month long placement and one six-week placement. 

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