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Scholarships for new Architectural Technology and Engineering degrees


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Students will use VR and AI, while working with real architects

Bradford’s new architecture programmes will give all students a scholarship.

Students will use the latest technological tools such as virtual reality (VR) and artificial intelligence (AI) to solve real world projects, guided by working architects and engineers.

Watch the video about the course on YouTube.

The University of Bradford’s new architecture programmes - due to launch in September - will enable students to learn directly from practising architects, work on authenticated projects and embed rigorous sustainability principles into their designs.

What’s more, all undergraduate students who enrol - whether home or international - will benefit from a scholarship - in the form of a £7,500 fee reduction for international students and a £2,000 cash payment for home students (subject to conditions).

Two new courses - BSc in architectural technology and BEng in architectural engineering – have been developed at the University of Bradford.

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New minds

Dr Mostafa Mohamed, Head of Civil & Structural Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering & Informatics, said: “There is a need to produce the next generation of architects, architectural engineers and architectural technologists, embracing the UN’s sustainable development goals, and using the latest technological tools and techniques to address regional and global challenges.

“Students will conceive, design, operate and implement projects alongside engineers,  replicating life in the construction industry. We have state of the art facilities in which students will engage in the design process from ideation to conceptualisation.”

New programmes summary:-

  • We will offer every home student a £2,000 scholarship and every international student a £7,500 scholarship for each year of study. The scholarship is guaranteed provided the student passes each academic year on their first attempt.
  • Working with practising architects and engineers
  • Utilising VR and AI technology to develop complex designs
  • Learning linked to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 

Dr Mostafa Mohamed, Head of Civil & Structural Engineering

Dr Mohamed said: “Bradford is a wonderful place to study architecture, because we have this rich architectural heritage, with a diverse range of buildings, many of which have issues in terms of energy efficiency. We need new minds, a new generation of architects, architectural engineers and architectural technologists to solve these problems. Our new programmes will not only give students the power to design new buildings but also to develop refurbishment schemes for existing buildings. ”

The University plans to introduce a third programme - BA in architecture - in 2023.

More about the scholarships

The University is delighted to be able to offer a new suite of architectural courses starting in September 2022. Alongside these new courses, the University is thrilled to be able to offer a scholarship that will benefit all undergraduate applicants, both international and home that enrol on the course.  

  • International students will benefit from a generous scholarship by means of a £7,500 reduction on their yearly tuition fees
  • Home students will benefit from a cash bursary of £2,000 (paid in three instalments in November, March and June), again paid annually, subject to conditions