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Clearing: Students offer advice to those considering university


Heather Price

Advice for A-level and BTEC students who want to go to university

As A-level and BTEC results are issued and the University Clearing process begins in earnest, University of Bradford students past and present offer some simple, straightforward advice to anyone considering higher education in September.

Issues range from overcoming worries about not having enough UCAS points to learning new skills and from ways to juggle busy family life with study and the wider benefits of higher education.

Whatever your circumstances, the University of Bradford has friendly and helpful staff ready to help offer personal advice to help you choose the course that’s right for you.

Overcoming challenges

Kulchuma Begum

Kulchuma Begum, pictured above, a second year BA Hons Social Work student, who is also a mother-of-two, says: “The biggest hurdle I overcame was not having enough UCAS points when I initially applied at the university - I was supported by the Recruitment and Outreach team in deciding the best course of action for me to start my journey into education.

“Starting university was a bit daunting at first, with many questions [such as] how will I manage my studies as well as looking after my family but everything fell into place within a few weeks.

“The best bit about my journey at the university must be the countless opportunities I’ve had to gain experiences, participate in various events and be able to make connections with professionals.”

Mother-of-four Heather Price, pictured top, is studying a Master’s in Medical Engineering with sandwich year - she returned to education after more than 30 years and commutes more than 60 miles to the University. She says: “It has been a great learning experience and will hopefully demonstrate to all four of my kids that if you want to change tracks in life, you can. The best part of completing university was proving to myself I could do it.”

Personal growth

Connor Mark Harrison, a BSc Marketing (Hons) graduate, who visited Qatar in 2019 during his placement year, says: “The biggest hurdle I overcame was developing my interpersonal skills and becoming more confident. Both my academic work, placement year and extracurricular activities contributed to my public speaking skills and presentation, which have been an invaluable asset.”

Benjamin Fadele

Benjamin O Fadele, pictured above, a final year Chemical Engineering student, says: “I’ve met and made friends with amazing people and felt like I’ve truly connected with the ‘Team Bradford’ spirit. 

“I liked how accessible the lecturers were - they have an open-door policy. This really stood out for me as I often heard how disconnected students were from their lecturers at other universities and how difficult it was to get help.

Why choose Bradford?

Jamie Chauhan

Jaime Chauhan, pictured above, who is studying a Master’s in Chemical Engineering says: “Selecting the University of Bradford was a simple choice for me, especially after meeting the incredible staff involved with teaching the course. The lecturers have a vested interest in developing students, pushing them to achieve their potential.”

Usaamah Ougradar, who is also studying Chemical Engineering, says: “I appreciated the close-knit community that you find at Bradford. [It’s] not as big as other universities, so it’s easier to get to know everyone, lecturers included.

“I always find it crazy that the head of department personally knows me and that I could very quickly arrange a meeting with him if I wanted to discuss something. That’s practically unheard of at other larger universities.”

And finally…

Law graduate

Ilsa Zubair, pictured above, an LLB Law graduate, says: “If you are considering studying at university, specifically the University of Bradford, look at the extracurriculars as well as the course information, because that can help you decide where you want to be and what you wish to do.

“University has much more to offer than just studies alone. Manage your time well, study and work hard, but do not forget to have fun and create memories.”

Chris Delee

Chris Delee, pictured above, Computer Science for Cyber Security graduate, says: “University is all about opportunities and I would recommend taking advantage of as many as you can while you have the chance, if asked to do something, say yes - it will open you up to many other chances.”

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