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IBM, Microsoft, Sky and more gather in two-day tech talk to promote AI in the North


University of Bradford students can claim 40 per cent discount on AI Tech North 2020 summit entry

Experts from some of the biggest companies in the world will convene for the AI Tech North 2020 summit on Monday October 12 & 13 - and University of Bradford students can get 40 per cent off admission prices.

The virtual conference will include eight keynote sessions, 60 industry experts and 30 technical sessions. Companies represented include Microsoft, IMB and Sky, alongside international authors, speakers and business owners from internet providers to legal firms.

The University of Bradford’s very own Hassan Ugail, Professor of Visual Computing, from the Faculty of Engineering & Informatics, will help launch the event. As a platinum sponsor of the event, university students can apply for a 40 per cent discount on entry costs.

Summit founder and former IBM AI lead, Sherin Matthew, from Leeds, said: “I founded this because I don’t want to see the North lose its competitive edge. When you look at places like London, everything is so concentrated and competitive, it’s digitally advanced, technology and industry is stacked next to each other, so the awareness and readiness is quite high. In the North, it’s much more spread out, with people working in their own silos. Right now, we’re in a situation where if you innovate, you survive. Our mission is to inspire leaders, learners, professionals and students to build trustworthy and beneficial AI solutions. That's the unique part, because most businesses just build AI because they have the money, they don’t think about people and purpose. Our concept is to put people and purpose first.”

He added: “AI will become ubiquitous. It will be in everything from your devices to your car, even your body. It’s the biggest revolution since the invention of the computer. So, it’s something we need to understand, along with its side effects.”

The summit will explore ways in which AI can be used to benefit businesses in an ethical way in health, manufacturing, analytics and more.

Sankar Sivarajah, Prof of Technology Management in the School of Management, said: “This is a platform for practitioners, academics, students, businesses and policymakers from the North to come and share ideas and be informed. It also aligns with the University’s own ethical stance.”

The University offers a BSc (Hons) in Applied AI and an MSc in Applied AI & Data Analytics (co-funded by the Office for Students).

Register here.


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