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New partnership welcomes Real Madrid coaches to Bradford


The University of Bradford has kicked off a new partnership with community football club, Alpha United Juniors.

The University will be offering its facilities to the club to use for their summer camp which is delivered by Fundación Real Madrid coaches. The young people then have the opportunity to progress through this summer camp to be trained at Real Madrid's home ground the world renowned Santiago Bernabeu in Spain.

Alpha United Juniors was established in 2013 and is run entirely by volunteers from around Bradford. The club was initially self-funded but funding and sponsorship enabled the volunteers to receive training. Students have been offered after-school tuition for their GCSEs and their work has been highly recognised leading them to win local, regional and national FA awards.

The club was the first to create a football club within the area. The club covers various age groups and provides the opportunity to juniors to learn numerous life skills and play in a competitive league.

To celebrate the new partnership there will be a friendly game of football between University staff and Alpha United Junior coaches on 25 April at Laistridge Lane between 6-8pm. The local community and staff invited are invited to attend.

Mark Garratt, Director of External Affairs said: "What this club has achieved in the last six years is astounding. Volunteers have given up their time to provide young people in the area with exciting opportunities and the club has grown from strength to strength thanks to the coaches and player's dedication and commitment.

"We are delighted to be able to support the club by hosting their summer camp with Fundación Real Madrid and look forward to working together in the future."

Mohammed Waheed, Alpha United Juniors said: "It is amazing to have such a great partnership with Fundación Real Madrid and now to add the University of Bradford to the story of Alpha United Juniors is fantastic. It showcases what we have achieved to date and continues to show that we are best in class and well regarded not just locally, nationally but internationally."

Tamino Kroeger, UK-Manager, Fundación Real Madrid Clinics said: "To do what the volunteers do at Alpha United Juniors, week in and week out is very rare to find. It's not something anybody should take for granted. We were so interested in establishing a partnership with Alpha United Juniors.

"I was in Bradford myself twice last year, to meet the representatives & to execute the clinic. All I have to say about the community is that I have never felt so welcome anywhere. It was as if I was part of the family & this is what football should be all about. Bringing communities from around the world together.

"We are happy & looking forward to coming back to Bradford for the second year in a row and obviously hope to welcome even more children at the clinic with Alpha United Juniors this summer (August 5th - 9th, 2019)."