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Bradford psychologist explores the mind of bestselling author TM Logan


Head of Psychology, Catriona Morrison, will interview T M Logan, author of bestselling psychological thriller Lies.

Catriona will explore why psychological thrillers are so popular and what it was that made T M Logan delve into this dark and dangerous world. Catriona will discuss whether circumstances can lead you to commit unspeakable offences or whether there is an inbuilt capacity that has always been inside.

T M Logan is a former Daily Mail science reporter, covering stories on new developments in a wide variety of scientific fields. He previously worked as Deputy Director of Communications at the University of Nottingham and lives in Nottinghamshire with his wife and two children.

His début thriller, Lies, was published in May 2017 and has now sold over 250,000 copies, hitting the top 10 Kindle Bestseller Charts. His second novel, 29 Seconds, was published in January 2018.

Catriona explains why she is fascinated to meet the author: “TM Logan explores an issue that is very prescient: recent scandals of workplace exploitation, and how a person reacts to that. I am interested to explore how he put his focus on a woman as a central character and also the nature of memory which is one of my own research areas. “

Catriona will ‘meet the author’ at an event on Thursday 24 May at Dewsbury Library, 7-8pm. Tickets are free but need to be booked here or by calling 01484 414868.

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