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Yorkshire in Bloom Winners


The University of Bradford won gold in the 2017 Yorkshire in Bloom Awards as well as landing the special Yorkshire Rose Conservation and Wildlife Award.

The judge's citation stated:

Even a rainy summer day could not hide the impressive nature of the University's grounds or the warmth of the welcome. Bradford University is obviously an impressive and inspiring place which is bound to provide a wonderful experience for its students.

The efforts the University are making to care for the environment and the provision made for wildlife is impressive. Encouraging students to grow herbs and edible plants is a good idea.

Involving local schools in planting hedges etc. and forming links with the local community is very worthwhile. The planting within the Sunspace is a very creative idea. Everywhere the maintenance of grassed areas and hard landscaping is of a high standard. The art installation outside the Atrium is a lovely feature.

Composting all food waste in the Rocket Composter is a wonderful idea. Fruit and vegetable areas where staff and students can pick and use fresh produce is very beneficial.

The management plan for the grounds is detailed and impressive, following it will really benefit the University.

Especially pleasing is the award for wildlife conservation which recognises the efforts our grounds team have made with the ambition of being at the cutting edge of environmental care. The citation for the Yorkshire Rose Conservation and Wildlife Award reads:

All the planting is peat free and any mulch used comes from trees on campus and produced by themselves. They carry out tree surveys with the aim of managing and retaining the tree stock of the campus. They are giving preference to native species in all their planting. Butterfly bars are being planted with a abundance of flowers of various types. Double flowered cultivars are being avoided because of the lack of nectar. They are bringing in areas where the grass is kept longer, uncut for the benefit of wildlife. Leaf piles and log piles are in place and owl boxes and bat roosting boxes are being placed in trees. Native fruit and seed bearing shrubs and trees are being planted.

Where possible standing dead wood is being retained to provide habitats for fungi and invertebrates. The University has worked with local schools planting hedgerows on site. Wildlife surveys are carried out. The University works hard to involve students and encourage them to be aware of and to care about wildlife and the memory of their efforts will go with their students into the future.

A generation of students who care about the wildlife and may go on to influence students of their own is a wonderful thing. Bradford University richly deserves this award.

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