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Researchers receive almost 300,000 Euros to improve patient safety


Researchers from across Europe have joined forces to reduce disparities in health and healthcare for patients with diverse needs and to better equip health professionals through increased cultural competence.

Project Manager Dr Gabrielle Tracy McClelland from the University of Bradford explains: “Cultural competence in a health context is how we as health professionals ideally think, feel and behave towards people who may be different to ourselves. Health care examples may be a nurse looking after a partially sighted child or a radiographer caring for an older Black woman who defines herself as a lesbian.”

The project team, led by Dr Gabrielle Tracy McClelland and Professor Uduak Archibong from the University of Bradford, has been awarded €299,538.00 from Erasmus+ 2017 Key Action 203 Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education fund.

The funding will enable the three year project, known as ‘Sim-Versity’ (Simulation-Diversity), to start this September with the aim of stimulating the development, piloting and implementation of new web- based resources as a novel approach to optimizing patient safety. This will be done by combining best practice, new guidelines and feedback from services users and experts.