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Bradford leads major international gender equality conference


A major international conference led by the University of Bradford to tackle gender inequality in higher education takes place in Brussels next week.

The GENOVATE International Conference will be held at the Thon Hotel EU in the Belgian capital on Wednesday and Thursday, 2 and 3 November 2016.

The Conference will focus on GENOVATE's work to transform existing gender inequality in higher education organisational cultures, and to achieve gender competent excellence in research and innovation. The conference will address GENOVATE's achievements and challenges, and its implementation of effective strategies and methodologies to realise sustainable gender change.

Key areas for discussion will be:

  • Exploring gender equality implementation mechanisms that create and sustain social change
  • Dissemination of GENOVATE tools and methodologies to monitor and evaluate gender equality
  • Exploring approaches to identifying challenges and opportunities to developing sustainable models for gender equality in higher education policy making and implementation
  • Examining institutional top-down and bottom-up policies and strategies to support gender equality in the academia, career development, and research and innovation
  • Addressing the transformation of existing organisational cultures through deeply embedded gender equality practices
  • Assessing the impact of key stakeholders' involvement in gender equality initiatives in higher education.

GENOVATE’s international director, of the University of Bradford, said: “This conference comes at an important stage in the life of GENOVATE. We want to give real impetus to the process of change and ensure that policies, structures and cultures within higher education and elsewhere provide real sustainability for gender equality, especially in research and innovation.

“The way that we will do this is through the spreading and sharing of knowledge and experience, and through greater collaboration across sectors and borders.”


GENOVATE is a FP7 funded action-research project coordinated by the University of Bradford. It aims to transform organisational culture for the advancement of equality of opportunity for men and women in research and innovation.

The project is based on the implementation of Gender Equality Action Plans (GEAP) in six European universities with on-going evaluation provided by one other partner European university.

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