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BBC's Steve Marshall gives Masterclass on Magnetic Tape Manipulation


Steve Marshall is a former member of the legendary BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Steve recently gave a masterclass on magnetic tape manipulation, demonstrating some of the techniques that made the BBC Radiophonic Workshop famous.

The masterclass was delivered to a group of film and media students and representatives from the National Media Museum.

The participants recorded 'found sounds' and then Steve showed how they could be manipulate to make a music track.

Students at Bradford study Media Archaeology, a field that the school of (MDT) is an important player in, and this session is indicative of the kinds of teaching and research activity MDT continue to offer in this area.

A selection of photographs from the event can be found here (credit Steve Cummings):

The music made during the masterclass can be found here:

MDT has in the past run an international conference on Media Archaeology:

and a symposium on the BBC Radiophonic Workshop at the National Media Museum:

Steve Marshall