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University of Bradford hosts UK's first Play + Learn conference


The University of Bradford is hosting the UK's first conference exploring how play and games can make learning and training more engaging.

The inaugural Play + Learn conference will take place at the University’s city centre campus from Wednesday 17th June to Friday 19th June.

The event will feature some of the world’s leading experts, including former White House senior policy analyst Constance Steinkuehler, alongside academics and senior industry figures from the BBC, Oxford University Press, games companies and the world of arts and culture.

The conference is targeted at researchers, game producers, designers and developers and those who use play to communicate, including teachers and trainers.

It will explore how play and games can aid learning and make it more memorable. For example, digital media and games can provide new worlds for exploration, discovery and interaction in a stimulating environment.

Dr Carlton Reeve, Senior Lecturer in the University’s School of Media, Design and Technology and conference chair, said: “The Play + Learn conference will explore ideas and practices that will improve the way we work and live. As well as seeing best practice from within the world of education and training, we will have important insights from leading producers, developers and artists from therapy, the media and theatre.”

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