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Explore Mummies at the University of Bradford


The University of Bradford, in conjunction with the Anatomical Society, is holding a public lecture looking at bog bodies and frozen mummies and how we can learn from the skin and bones of the past.

Speaking at the event is Professor Niels Lynnerup from the University of Copenhagen. He will be talking about how mummies and bog bodies (bodies that have been naturally preserved within peat bogs) can provide detailed narratives on their past lives.

The talk will take place on Tuesday 8 July 2014, 6-7pm in the Norcroft Conference Centre, University of Bradford.

The presentation will describe mummies and bog bodies from across the world, show how they are examined using modern scientific approaches and reveal what mummies and bog bodies can tell us about the past.

Professor Lynnerup is a medic, physical anthropologist, palaeopathologist, forensic anthropologist and mummy expert.

Dr Andrew Wilson, Senior Lecturer in Forensic & Archaeological Sciences at the University of Bradford said: 'It's great to welcome Professor Lynnerup back to Bradford as he has worked closely with us on a number of major projects. He was a key part of the international teams that investigated the frozen Inca child sacrifices from Llullaillaco in North West Argentina, the Irish bog bodies and the Bronze Age oak coffin burial from Gristhorpe.'

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