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Professor Jenny Pearce - Colombian Peace Process


Professor Jenny Pearce has given three presentations on the Colombian Peace Process between January and April 2013.

The first was for RUSI in London on 28 January. She presented on the role of civil society and peace to their conference on” Ending Colombia's Internal Conflict: Prospects for Peace with the FARC and Beyond". The second was at the LSE , for a conference on 13 March :The Colombian Peace Talks - Lessons from other Negotiations" where she compared the Central American Peace Talks in Guatemala and El Salvador and asked what could be learnt for Colombia. Her presentation was entitled: ‘Give Peace A Chance: Towards Violence Reduction not Reproduction after War. Lessons for Colombia from the Central American Peace Processes’ On 12 April, spoke on ‘ Elites, Violence and Peace’ at a half day workshop: ‘In search of peace in Colombia: Unrapping the Santos-Farc Peace Talks’ organised by the Sussex Centre for Conflict and Security Research. Jenny is also part of a network of academics in the UK who are accompanying the Colombian peace process. It is known as BACUP (British Academics for a Colombia Under Peace). Summaries of Jenny’s lectures are available on the website:

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