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ESRC Funding Success - Professor Jenny Pearce and the International Centre for Participation Studies/Programme for a Peaceful City team


Professor Jenny Pearce and the team at the International Centre for Participation Studies/ Programme for a Peaceful City (Graeme Chesters, Ute Kelly and Lisa Cumming) have won a one year ESRC Knowledge Exchange award with part funding from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation

The aim of the project is to pilot the idea of a ‘Community University' (Comm-Uni-ty) in the North of England. Building on an AHRC funded Scoping Study - ‘Power in Community: A Research and Social Action Scoping Review’ (Pearce, 2012), the Comm-Uni-ty will deepen critical exploration of Power and Participation with community activists, including participants in that study. In particular, Comm-Uni-ty will draw on the key learning from the Scoping Study and involve academics and community activists in developing ideas for how alternative understandings of power might build more effective change processes.

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