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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence and how it will affect us

Published: Tue 13 Mar 2018


Professor Hassan Ugail, Director of the Centre for Visual Computing at the University of Bradford will host a lecture looking at the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Human vs Machine.

Professor Ugail explains: “Many people are scared of Artificial Intelligence and the potential impact it can have on society. This talk will look at how AI has developed and what its use in the future could look like.

“I will look at the good and the bad about this rapidly advancing technology and discuss why it may not be something we need to fear, but more something that needs to be properly understood.”

The lecture will look at the history of Artificial Intelligence, recent developments, the potential future use and the impact AI may have on the general public. Professor Ugail will also provide updates on his ground-breaking research projects including the facial ageing software which featured in the news last year.

The lecture takes place Thursday 1 March 2018, 6-7pm on the city campus.

Also taking place on the same day is a lecture on Artificial Intelligence and the Law by Ian Miller, Barrister and Deputy Head of the School of Law. He will consider how the introduction of Artificial Intelligence demands greater and more proactive scrutiny from the law, lawyers and legislators.

This lecture also takes place on Thursday 22 March, 5-6pm, also on the city Campus.

These lectures are free and open to everyone, please book your place here.

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