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Making the most out of Opportunities in China

Published: Tue 2 Dec 2014

Businesses and individuals wanting to engage with China and exploit the opportunities available are being encouraged to attend a lecture at the University of Bradford.

The free lecture, delivered by the University’s Director of Innovation Paul Thorning, takes place at the Norcroft Centre at the University on Thursday 11 September at 6pm.

Titled ‘On dragons and phoenixes: making the most of the China opportunity’, the lecture will explore the challenges and apparent contradictions presented by China while aiming to dispel some of the myths.

The growth of China has been a phenomenon and it is now the second largest economy in the world. It presents an unparalleled opportunity for collaboration in trade, science and innovation but progress can be frustrated by complex relationships, fragile contracts and a constrained flow of funds.

This public lecture will explore the interplay between China’s past and present, between state and family and between central planning and entrepreneurship. It will highlight practical steps organisations and individuals can take to create lasting, mutually advantageous collaborations. Paul Thorning, drawing on his experience of running a company and innovation programmes on behalf of the University, will highlight the common ground we share, and suggest strategies to engage and build relationships with China.

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