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Bid to make Bradford more dementia friendly

20 June 13

Organisations from business, education, statutory services, the council, and the voluntary sector are coming together to launch Bradford District Dementia Action Alliance on the 27th of June, hosted by the University of Bradford.

Alzheimer’s Society is asking Bradford's butchers, bakers and candlestick makers - and also bankers, head teachers, Imams, and community workers - to join them in a bid to make the city more dementia friendly.

The event is a big step towards Bradford realising its goal to be one of the first dementia friendly districts in the country

Cathy Henwood Dementia Friendly Communities Coordinator, from Alzheimer's Society Bradford said: “Bradford District Dementia Action Alliance is our next step in working towards making the city truly dementia friendly. We are open to any local organisations joining the Alliance. We will be encouraging them to write a simple action plan detailing how they are going to raise awareness of dementia with their staff, and make any changes they need to make their premises more accessible and supportive to people living with dementia and their carers.

“At our quarterly meetings we will share good practice, and help organisations find sensible and cost effective solutions to any issues they might identify in making their organisation more dementia friendly.”

The event is being hosted by the University of Bradford, which has an international reputation for its concern with ensuring quality of life and quality of care for people with dementia and is a leader in research, training, education and quality improvement in dementia.

Professor Murna Downs from the University of Bradford’s Dementia Group said:
“The University are delighted to have the opportunity to host the inaugural meeting of the Bradford District Dementia Action Alliance. We have a long standing commitment to, and international track record in, combatting stigma and promoting social inclusion for people with dementia and their families. Today’s event provides us with the opportunity to join forces with local business and community members who share our ambition that people live well with dementia.”

Councillor Amir Hussain, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Adult Services, added: “There is a lot of work going on in Bradford to raise awareness of dementia, how to cope with it and what services are available. This is a welcome initiative that will add to that work, helping to lift stigma and improve the lives of people affected by the condition and their families and carers.”

Organisations are being asked to make small changes including making sure their staff have basic dementia awareness and there is clear signage in their buildings. These things can make a big difference to people living with dementia.

Having a basic understanding of dementia helps avoid situations like staff being frustrated by someone repeating themselves, or forgetting their pin number at a till, which can make people with dementia lose confidence. This can stop people with dementia going out and about, and reduce their independence and ability to cope.

Bradford District Dementia Action Alliance (Bradford DAA) has already brought together organisations including, Bradford Metropolitan District Council, the Airedale and Bradford Hospitals, Alzheimer's Society, Bradford District Care Trust, West Yorkshire Police, Church of England, the (West Yorkshire?)Transport Police, the Co-op, Lloyds Bank, University of Bradford, and some smaller organisations including a Gurdwara, a local Pharmacy and a community centre.

The launch will bring a lot more local businesses, organisations and branches of national operators on board.

Bradford DAA will be co-ordinated by Bradford Dementia Friendly Communities Project at Alzheimer's Society Bradford office and is co funded by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Bradford Council.

20 June 13

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