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University embraces people power

8 February 13

An energy savings initiative at the University was so successful it prompted emergency calls from the energy supplier who thought the meters had broken.

The scheme at the University’s School of Health Studies reduced energy bills by a third over the 16-month project.

The project aimed to change behaviour of staff and students, and it's been so successful it's now being rolled out across the University. Utilitywise's Edd:e circuit level energy monitoring system was a vital part of the project. Using Utilitywise’s E:dde circuit level monitoring system, they were able to identify energy use and measure the savings achieved by changes in behaviour. E:dde was able to identify high energy users such as the catering department and identifying were savings could be made.

Russell Smith of the Estates Department and Pape, Hilary of the School of Health worked with staff and students and put together an Energy Savings Team in order to monitor energy use across the school.

Hilary Pape, Physiotherapy lecturer used the Edd:e system in the School of Health behaviour change programme – EMU said "We found Edd:e to be vital to the success of the project. It allowed us to root out 'rogue' power usage and as it gave us real time information on output it allowed us to see whether we were having an effect when we switched stuff off."

Russell Smith, estates manager at the University of Bradford, is currently installing Edd:e into a further five buildings and believes the investment in energy monitoring has more than paid for itself.

"The University has found Edd:e to be an extremely cost effective way of analysing energy use to an extremely detailed level," he added.

Now Utilitywise is calling on businesses to follow the University's lead and help improve staff knowledge and attitudes towards energy saving.

Adam Thompson, chief operating officer at Utilitywise said: "The University of Bradford has shown what can be achieved by monitoring your energy and getting people to change their behaviour. Many businesses think there is nothing they can do to reduce their energy consumption, but with some expert help and a bit of determination look what can be achieved.

"The University of Bradford is a great example of how much organisations can achieve through incremental behavioural changes.

"Many energy saving efforts fail because people fail to see their impact, by using Edd:e and working closely with Utilitywise's advisors to identify opportunities, the University has been able to make major savings."

The University of Bradford has been ranked within the top 25 greenest universities in the world, making it the top greenest university in the North of England. The EMU Project using Edd:e won the 2012 Green Build Awards for Behaviour Change and was Highly Commended at the 2012 National Energy Awards as well as the Tom Bradley Award at the AUE 2012 Conference.

8 February 13

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