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Excellence in contact lens care

8 October 13

From Left to Right: Director of the Eye Clinic, Dr Graham Mouat thanks Graham Trevor of Topcon's Medical Division for the company's kind donation.

The high quality of clinical teaching and patient care available at the University of Bradford's Eye Clinic, has been enhanced by the kind donation of a corneal topographer by Topcon Medical.

This instrument allows the front surface of the eye to be mapped, allowing the early diagnosis of eye conditions such as keratoconus, potentially allowing patients to be referred for treatment before the condition progresses and becomes more difficult to manage. Keratoconus is relatively common in the Leeds-Bradford area and leads to poor vision that cannot be corrected with spectacles, as the cornea thins and becomes irregular.

Dr Catharine Chisholm, Director of Contact Lens Clinics said; “Being able to map the front surface of the cornea is also invaluable when fitting contact lenses to more complex eyes. In addition, it enhances the care we can give to all contact lens wearers at their annual check-up. It provides reassurance that their lenses are a good fit and are not changing the shape of the ocular surface in any way.”

Although corneal topographers are not yet available in the majority of high street optometry practices, being able to map the shape of the front surface of the eye is an important tool and likely to become the standard of care within a couple of years.

“It is important to us that our optometry students have access to the latest technology, to ensure they are well prepared for the workplace following graduation”, said Dr Graham Mouat, Director of the Bradford Eye Clinic. ‘We are very grateful to Topcon Medical for providing us with this invaluable piece of equipment.”

8 October 13

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