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Top tips before starting University this September

6 September 12

As thousands of students prepare for starting University this later month, the University of Bradford has today unveiled a list of top tips for students to consider before embarking on the next stage of their life.

Dean of Students, Becka Colley, said: "Starting University is both an exciting and nerve-wracking time for most students and the University of Bradford often receives calls in September with questions from students wondering about what they need to bring with them, where they'll be able to make friends and how they will manage their finances. 

"Our top tips address the most common of questions we receive and we hope students setting out in the world of higher education will find them useful."

Top tips

  • Make a list: Make a list of everything you need to take to University but don't take the kitchen sink! For instance wait until you move into your accommodation and see what you need. Chances are if you take a kettle and a toaster then five other people will have done the same.
  • Make friends before you arrive:  You'll meet lots of new people when you arrive at University, but making friends before you arrive makes your first week less daunting. At Bradford our students' union facebook page is already being used for students who are coming this September who are now finding out before starting university what is going on during freshers' week and making friends online before they arrive.  The Student Room is also a great place to meet other new students before you
  • Budget: Don'tforget that you don't have to pay your fees up front and you won't have to pay them back until you are earning over £25,000 per year. Remember that when you plan your finances before arriving at University and think about giving yourself a weekly allowance so that you don't run out of money. Most students have part-time jobs too and you can register for these on your university's job register
  • Your new home: Do someresearchabout where you will be living so that you are prepared to explore off campus too. Look out for people like @hiddenbradford who offer tips for new visitors to the city.
  • Gather documents: When you enrol at University and sign up for various clubs and societies you'll need various documents such as offer letters, accommodation information and student loan company letters so gather them together now and keep them in a safe and handy place.
  • Ask questions: Universities understand that students will have questions before they arrive! You can call the enrolment hotline at the University who can answer questions and point you in the right direction if needed. There are lots of ways to stay in touch with your university, the most popular ways being Twitter, Facebook and enrolment hotlines.

Becka added: "All universities are geared up for the arrival of new students onto their campus and there will be friendly faces and people to advise and help you settle in to university life from the moment you arrive."

If you are still considering starting University this year, the University of Bradford has a limited number of spaces available. Call us 0800 073 1225 from landline or 0300 456 2666 from a mobile for more information.

6 September 12

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