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How spotting eye problems early can help children learn

14 March 12

A recent Children's Eye Health Campaign has highlighted the fact that many children are not having routine eye tests and have undetected refractive error or other visual difficulties that can affect performance at school.

In response, the University of Bradford's Department of Optometry will host an information evening on the Wednesday 21 March from 6.00-9.00 p.m.

The event is aimed at parents and teachers, on the importance of children's eye care and its possible effects on learning to read. The evening will consist of short talks and demonstrations which highlight the things that can go wrong with vision and what can be done to about it.

Eye tests are free under the NHS for all children and are readily available. However, if parents, carers and teachers do not identify problems early, then problems can create barriers to learning.

Many eye problems can be easily solved with glasses or contact lenses or a course of exercises. If a child can see more clearly and use their eyes more comfortably then they may be more willing to learn at school.

Attendees will be provided with refreshments from 6.30pm. Those interested in attending the event please register with Kate Daley at or telephone 01274 236030.

14 March 12

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