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Helping students to see things more clearly

21 December 10

The Eye Clinic at the University of Bradford School of Optometry and Vision Science are looking for volunteers to have their eyes tested by final-year Optometry students.

Being a volunteer at the Eye Clinic is easy and requires no special training, just a couple of hours of time and a little patience.  Volunteers will be helping University of Bradford students gain valuable practical experience they require to begin their pre-registration year.

All clinics are supervised by qualified members of the School of Optometry and Vision Science and volunteers will receive a 25% discount on any spectacles purchased from the Eye Clinic.  Volunteers will also receive a small contribution towards travelling expenses.

Jack Heaton has been volunteering at the Eye Clinic for nearly 20 years.  He said "Being a volunteer is very easy. Tests take up to two hours and are a great way of helping you keep track of the condition of your eyes.  If anything is found amiss the clinic lets your GP know straight away."

For more information call the University Eye Clinic reception on 01274 234649.  The Clinic is situated on Listerhills Science Park, Bradford BD7 1HR.

21 December 10

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Further information for Media Enquirers

For further information please contact the University of Bradford Press Office on 01274 23 3089/3084.

Out of office hours call 07879 437996. Alternatively, e-mail or fax on (01274) 236280.