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'The State of Play in Jewish-Muslim Relations'

10 June 10

The University of Bradford's School of Lifelong Education and Development will host a talk titled 'State of Play in Jewish-Muslim Relations' by Dr Ed Kessler on Wednesday 16th June.

The event, part of the 'Faith and the City' programme, has been developed by the University's School of Lifelong Education and Development in partnership with the Bradford District Faiths Forum.

The lecture will focus on what Jews and Muslims have in common, such as the challenge of being a minority community, but yet relations are overshadowed by the failure to address the impact of the Middle East conflict.

For most Jews, the creation of the State of Israel is an ancient promise fulfilled - the ingathering of exiles, guaranteeing physical and spiritual security. Yet, many Muslims term the same events as 'The Disaster'; a time when an Islamic society was uprooted and became a minority in a land that was once Dar as-Islam. In Jewish-Muslim dialogue it is essential to be prepared for conflicting views.

Dr Kessler is a leading thinker in interfaith relations, primarily contemporary Judaism, Jewish-Christian and Jewish-Muslim Relations. He is the Founder and Executive Director of the Woolf Institute and Fellow of St Edmund's College, Cambridge. The Woolf Institute is dedicated to the study of relations between Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Dean of School of Lifelong Education and Development at the University of Bradford, Nadira Mirza, said: "Interfaith issues are of paramount importance to both the School of Lifelong Education and Development and the University of Bradford. Feedback from previous Faith and the City Events demonstrates that our students, staff and the communities we serve are keenly interested in discussing, debating and sometimes disagreeing on matters of interfaith relations and their potential implications in today's world.

"Here at the University we are proud to host such influential speakers. Having hosted Mona Siddiqui earlier in the year and Fatima Bhutto later in the year, we are committed to facilitating this form of dialogue, which we hope will benefit the communities we serve."

The discussion will be held at 6.00pm in the JSB Lecture Theatre, Richmond Building at the University.

10 June 10

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