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Making Neanderthal music

24 February 10

A forthcoming production by leading composer Simon Thorne aims to recreate the sound of our human ancestry. This imaginative composition uses the medium of the voice to vividly evoke the Palaeolithic soundscape.

Neanderthal Live takes place at The Norcroft Centre, University of Bradford on Saturday 13th March.

Thorne explores why humanity came to make music in the first place and the role music may have played in the lives of Neanderthal Man. Were early humans also accomplished musicians?  This unusual performance aims to 'take us into the cave of our consciousness to illuminate the first spark of communication'. 

Thorne comments "Given that Neanderthal's man brain was about the same size as ours, and much of our brain is given over to language, then you can assume they probably had language too. Every culture has language and music, so we can probably assume that they had some kind of music too." 
Neanderthal Live takes place at the Norcroft Centre, University of Bradford on Saturday March 13th 8pm.

Tickets are £6.50 full/£5 concession and can be purchased from 01274 233200

24 February 10

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