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University helps to secure high quality education for Buttershaw

10 March 09

The University of Bradford announced today (March 10) that it was seeking to be the lead educational partner for Buttershaw High School, in a trust dedicated to helping the school achieve its aim of providing the best possible life chances for young people in Bradford.

Over the last five years, the University has developed an extensive Associate School Network as it seeks to support the raising of participation and attainment levels in partnership with other educational providers.  During this period, due to Government policy changes, management and governance arrangements in schools have changed, and therefore, so has the University's approach to partnership .

As there is not a 'one model fits all' approach to these partnerships proposals are now in place for the University to work in different ways with Buttershaw High School by creating a National Challenge Trust.

The new trust will seek to raise the standards, attainment and participation of the students at that school, and reflect a school that is at the heart of its community. The trust will adopt the Local Authorities admissions, exclusion and staffing policies.

As the lead sponsors, the University will be responsible for the leadership and strategy of the school and will aid the school in seeking to deliver an excellent education for its students. This delivery will lead to improved opportunities in education and training.  Initial ideas for support include postgraduate students helping in key subjects that the University has expertise in such as science, technology, and maths.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), Professor Geoff Layer, said: "The University is committed to working with local schools and communities.  We believe that together we can enhance the student experience and improvements can be made to this school through the partnership between ourselves, Bradford Council, Education Bradford, staff at the school and the broader community."

10 March 09

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