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Survivor of Tokyo bombings gives lecture at University

8 September 09

The University of Bradford will hold a public lecture on Tuesday 15 September 2009 entitled 'From Historical Memory to Reconciliation and Peace: Handing Down my Experiences of the Tokyo Air-Raids to the next Generation' delivered by Mr Katsumoto Saotome.

Survivor of Tokyo bombings gives lecture at University Well-known Japanese writer and director of the Centre for the Tokyo Air-Raids and War Damage, Katsumoto Saotome, will deliver the lecture as part of a one-week study and lecture tour of the UK for Mr Saotome and 30 members of his centre.

As a survivor of the Raids of 10th March 1945 which killed 100,000 people, Mr Saotome has devoted his life to record the suffering and devastation in many books (including novels), several of which have been turned into films. He will talk about his work for peace and reconciliation, show a DVD and take part in a question and answer session after the lecture.  Mr Saotome will bring a translator with him for the event who is Dr Kazuyo Yamane, a PhD graduate from the Department of Peace Studies at the University.

Event organiser, Peter van den Dungen said: "The bombing of innocent civilians, especially women, children, and the elderly, continues to be a feature of modern war.

"Mr Saotome, who barely survived the Tokyo Air-Raids as a youngster, has devoted his whole life to the need to remember, in a spirit of peace and reconciliation, and in the hope that similar atrocities can be prevented. Whereas the survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have told their stories, this is the first time that a survivor of the destruction of Tokyo shares his moving and impassionate story."

The lecture will take place in room N3, Richmond Building at the University from 2.30 - 4.30pm.  Booking is not necessary.

8 September 09

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