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Students break out of Bradford for charity

19 May 09

An exciting and possibly global event will begin tomorrow (Wednesday 20 May, 2009) at the University of Bradford Students' Union when students will take part in 'Jailbreak' and attempt to get as far away from Bradford in the name of charity.

Jailbreak From 10am tomorrow groups of University students will begin to beg and blag their way out of Bradford but with an added twist of ensuring that their trip is as environmentally friendly as possible as they bike, bus or barge across the country and the world.

A jailbreak is a challenge where competitors have to get away from a certain location without paying anything. In this competition, each team of three or more students will receive points for each mile they clock up getting away from Bradford. The amount of points they get depends on how 'green' their method of transport is. For instance, jumping on a bus would be 4 points per mile; a train 5 and a plane only 0.1 for every mile travelled.

The groups of students will have 24 hours to get as far away as possible. During this time they will keep in contact with the Students' Union and the student radio station RamAir who will be charting their progress over the airwaves on 1350AM and online at

Each team will also be raising sponsorship for charities of their choices.

Students' Union logo The winning student team will be the one that gets the most points during their travels, and they will be awarded with their prize during the Students' Unions end of year event, the 'Party On The Amp: Slip 'n' Slide' taking place on Friday 22nd May, 2009.

Alex Wilsdon, Media and Entertainments Officer, at the Students' Union, is helping organise the event with the other sabbatical officers.  He said:  "Jailbreak is a great, innovative way for students to raise funds for local or national charities in which they get to see how far they can get away from the University of Bradford without having to spend any money as well as in the most eco-friendly way possible.

"The students taking part will learn the difficulty of being environmentally friendly with transport as well as important life-skills in developing one's blagging skills. We hope they'll have a great time too!"

Full reports on the Jailbreak will be available after the event at

19 May 09

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