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Super Mums and Dads celebrate success at Bradford

13 May 09

The University of Bradford have been helping local residents and the 'Super Mums and Dads' group by offering a Pre-Degree Study programme - The Bradford Foundation Year.

Super Mums and Dads is a group in Bradford, organised as part of the 'Streets Ahead' initiative. It is for anyone who is a parent under the age of 25 and was set up with the aim of getting young parents back into education.

The Bradford Foundation Year has provided parents with babies, toddlers and young children with access to an education course which may have not otherwise been possible. It also provides a free crèche on site which makes learning easier and workable for the 13 young mums who attend the course.

The course, which runs on a Monday has been successful and had a full uptake. The University is now providing another course in Allerton to provide further opportunities for young mums and dads.

The University will be celebrating these achievements on 16 May 2009 - where the young parents' successes will be commemorated and recognised with certificate presentations.


One young mum who has benefited from the Super Mums and Dads scheme and the Bradford Foundation Year is Emma Manghra. Emma is a 23 single mum of two. Emma from Allerton, Bradford, grew up with her mum and step-dad and has 4 brothers.

Emma didn't really like school as a child and said: "I really did not appreciate the importance of school or the importance of adult life and becoming successful. I just saw school as a place to meet up with my friends and socialise.  I now recognise that in order to 'move on in life' you need a good education and I wish that I had been more committed to my studies. Since becoming a mum I have realised this more and more. I want to be able to provide a good life and example for my children."

Emma fell pregnant at 16 after her GCSE'S and had her first child Chloe when she was 17. She then had another child Maddox aged 21.

She says: "I was nervous at the thought of becoming a mum, especially as I was so young and on my own.  Raising my kids has been tough. I have also faced prejudice from others in my community who look down on young parents. I felt judged."

Emma  joined the Super mums and Dads group a year and half ago and went on to lead the group 6 months ago. She says "Since joining the group I have gained in confidence and independence, and I have found determination and drive to carve out a successful career, in which I hope to support young people.

"I also hope to complete the Foundation Year and progress onto a degree programme that will give me the knowledge to realise my goal. I hope be able to help others and make a difference to lives of people in need."

13 May 09

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