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Research will aid training surgeons

24 April 09

A researcher from the Department of Optometry, the University of Bradford has been investigating the links between colour and depth information in human visual perception.

Dr Marina Bloj has been awarded over £380,000 by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to develop a model of the human visual system that will go towards helping computer simulated training.

This will benefit professions such as training doctors, who will use the more realistic computer simulated scenes to gain a better understanding how to perform surgery in the real world. It will also help graphic experts when developing games and movies

Dr Bloj's research should also have an immediate impact on the human vision research community, such as neuroscientists and psychologists. It will fill a gap in our knowledge of the visual information involved in the perception of depth, colour and scene layout.

The project titled: 'Perception of colour gradients in real and computer-simulated scenes: effects on depth' will develop a model of the human visual system by studying colour gradients and non-colour gradients, and how these effect a person's perception of depth.

It will begin to develop this model by understanding these links in experiments. For example, asking members of the public to perform different tasks in controlled environments. The researchers will ask members of the public to wear special glasses that trick their brain, so they have a distorted perception and the interaction with colour can be measured.

This data will be used to create computational models that will predict when the colour information will be most useful to the human visual system.

Dr Marina Bloj said: "I am very excited to receive this funding. It will enable us to develop new research that combines expertise in colour and depth perception. We will not only be able to carry out basic research into how humans see things but also help to make computer rendered scenes appear more real."

24 April 09

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