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Lived Diversities Book Launch

Lived Diversities Book Launch

Location: Re:Centre Seminar Room

Date and Time:
Thu 21 Apr 2016, 18:00 - 20:00

Lived Diversities is the latest book from The University of Bradford's leading academics in Sociology and Social Analysis. This event is to formally launch the book, where copies will be available to purchase at the discounted rate of £15.

Alongside presenting the reader with an opportunity to gain insights into the life of an inner city neighbourhood such as Manningham, Lived Diversities explores a range of historical and contemporary issues which have fed into the ways in which such a diverse area has developed not only on the ground, but within the broader social imaginary. The book looks at the demographic changes that have taken place in Manningham, and the ways in which ethnic and economic inequalities are present in everyday life. It explores peoples’ experience of living there; and examines some of the under-rehearsed positive opportunities such zones offer. 

A paperback format version of this book has now been published. Join two of the book's authors – Charles Husband and Yunis Alam – at the book's launch where they will be talking about the practice of sociological research, the politics of research, as well as discussing some of the books findings.

Charles Husband is professor emeritus of social analysis at the University of Bradford, UK, docent in sociology at the University of Helsinki, and visiting professor at the Sami University College in Kautokeino, Norway. 

Yunis Alam is senior lecturer in sociology and criminology at the University of Bradford. He has also written several novels, short stories, anthologies and other forms of literature.

“A fascinating and revealing account of the micro-interactions of life in a contemporary British community. It is a very timely discussion which should help to challenge simplistic stereotypes of multiculturalism ‘failing,’ urban decline, and interethnic conflict.” Caroline Howarth, London School of Economics and Political Science.

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