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My Development

The University provides a range of development opportunities and we encourage you to discuss with your line manager which ones are most appropriate for you and your job role.

This is usually done through the Performance Development Review process.

Below you will find more information relevant to your role to help guide and support discussions with your line manager.

All Staff


As an academic, you will need to engage with two professional frameworks:

There are several dimensions to the academic role and where you go for development and support will vary depending upon the focus of your role:

You may also be involved in developing the experience of our students through admissions, work placements etc. These elements of the academic role are developed and supported by the wider Student and Academic Services.


Recommended internal and IT courses can be found on the People Development website, along with useful guides for administrative staff.


The University has a number of initiatives that aim to provide the most appropriate support and development for all its leaders, on the basis that effective leadership and management drives a successful University.


The University offers a range of programmes, workshops and resources to support managers to develop their role and help them meet the emerging needs of the changing Higher Education environment.

New staff

Postgraduate researchers

Information, advice and links to useful information relating to all aspects of research degrees at the University of Bradford can be found on the Code of Practice for Research Students.

Postgraduates who teach

Details of the training and development opportunities available to postgraduates who teach are available on the Centre for Educational Development website.

Student reps

As a student rep you will have access to elements of the following:

Technical and specialist staff

The University is a member of Higher Education and Technicians Education and Development (HEaTED).

Details are on the People Development website.