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Tasmin Little Music Centre

The Sense of Adventure Tape Deck Orchestra at Folk Narratives 08/12/12

Using TLMC

An ident for Tasmin Little Music Centre at The University of Bradford. Created by Team Animotem Shabz, Becky, Ryan & Trea, students from the Department of Creative Technology at the University of Bradford (Design for Industry module, Computer Animation)


BUMS Ethos

BUMS is a member-led society. We encourage networking, skill-sharing, mutual support and a proactive approach to getting things done. As a member of the society you have a say in shaping what we do and a shared responsibility for helping BUMS be the best it can be and improving the music culture on and off campus!


Although we are aware it can seem a little draconian to provide a list of ‘rules’ for spaces, as a member-led society it is important that we all look after the resources and spaces we have to use, and make the society enjoyable and useful for all members.

Our ethos is one of collectivity and openness and we hope that all the housekeeping can come under the banner of mutual respect and common sense. To clarify on a few points, though, below is a list of principles and rules specific to spaces and use of Tasmin Little Music Centre. Any members whose behaviour contradicts these principles will have their membership removed without refund.

General use of TLMC and Hub (Large Room)

  • Be respectful of other users of the space and the equipment/furnishings
  • The Hub (large room) is a member’s space; guests are only allowed to visit on the assumption that they intend to join BUMS, with a maximum of two per member in the space at any one time
  • Any electrical appliances used in TLMC must be PAT tested (see signage)
  • Be respectful of neighbouring offices and practice rooms (keep noise to a non-disruptive level)
  • Any posters and info you would like to add to the walls should be approved (and is subject to editing) by the committee
  • Food and drink is allowed but there is to be no alcohol
  • Leave the space as you would like it to be found (i.e clean up any mess you see)
  • Any damages or breakages you notice or cause must be reported immediately
  • For security, keep doors closed and always double-check they are shut fully when you leave
  • Use only your card for access and do not lend it to guests/other members

Use of Piano Practice Rooms

  • Be respectful of other users; the piano practice rooms are a shared drop-in resource, so be willing to move on if someone is waiting and keep volume at an appropriate level
  • Only fully-paid members can use the rehearsal rooms: no guests, visitors or members with only ‘basic membership’ unless approved by committee
  • Treat the equipment respectfully
  • Any damages or breakages you notice or cause must be reported immediately
  • Any additional electrical equipment you use must be PAT tested
  • Use only your card for access and do not lend it to guests/other members

The committee can be contacted by emailing and consulted at meetings. Inductions and PAT testing can be arranged by emailing Andy Abbott and Ivan Mack If you have a proposal for use of the space for a facilitated group, an event or other use please email the committee for info and further housekeeping.