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Tuition fee and maintenance loans

The Student Finance service provides student loans to help pay for tuition fees and the cost of living, depending on your circumstances.

You'll be charged interest on your loan as soon as you take it out, but you only start repayments once you earn more than a certain amount - currently £25,725.

Repayments are based on how much you earn, not how much you've borrowed.

Tuition fee loans

As a full-time undergraduate Home student starting in September 2021, you can apply to borrow up to £9,250 for the 2021 to 2022 academic year.

Part-time students with a course intensity of 25% or more can apply to borrow up to £6,935, depending on your course fee.

If you're a continuing student, the amount you're eligible for depends on when your course began - find out more on the government website.

Maintenance loans for living costs

Home students can also apply for a Maintenance Loan for living costs. 

The amount you'll get depends on your family income, and is calculated by the Student Finance service.

The maximum loans available for the 2020 academic year are:

  • up to £7,747 if you're living at home
  • up to £9,203 if you're living away from home, for example in student accommodation
  • up to £10,539 if you spend a year of your course studying abroad

Extra help

You may also be eligible to apply for extra financial support.

The Student Finance website has details of support for:

  • students on a low income
  • students with children or dependent adults
  • disabled students
  • medical and social work students
  • students studying abroad

And the University of Bradford also has bursaries, scholarships and grants available.

Student finance website

Find out what support you're eligible for, see full details of the loans, and read more about repayments