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Sajad Rasool

Academic Background: Sajad is a media practitioner with Masters degrees in Mass Communication and Journalism as well as Public Administration. He has studied film-making, photography and narrative journalism. 

Languages: Kashmiri, Urdu, English, Hindi

Areas of interest: Sajad is a human rights activist, with an interest in alternative media and its role in peace building and conflict resolution, international politics, development studies and the sustainable management of natural resources, particularly in regions suffering from military conflict. 

Sajad’s work in community journalism in the disputed region of Kashmir has lent him a keen understanding of media in the midst of armed conflict and of South Asian politics. He founded and supervises Kashmir Unheard (KU), Kashmir’s first and only hyperlocal community media-house that provides a platform for local Kashmiri residents to voice issues most relevant to them. KU is part of a larger network called Video Volunteers, a media and human rights organization empowering the most disadvantaged communities in India whose voices remain missing in mainstream media narratives.
His work has been published by several Indian and international media outlets. Sajad has led collaborative projects at KU with international and Kashmir-based human rights groups, including with the Jammu & Kashmir Right to Information movement. This collaboration has increased awareness of legal provisions in matters of information, governance, human rights and environment. Sajad has trained more than 100 fellows in using digital tools for storytelling across Kashmir. Solutions journalism is one of his key work areas. He is also a fellow of Acumen India, Gather - Seeds of Peace and Reporters Without Borders.

Sajad Rasool