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Meklite Alemayehu Balcha

Academic Background: LLB, Bachelor of Law.

Language: English and Amharic.

Area of Interest: Human Rights, International and Humanitarian Law, Peace Building and conflict resolution.

Meklite is 27 years old, a lawyer by profession from Ethiopia. She is a human rights advocate who passionately stands and speaks out mainly for refugees and internally displaced people to get access to necessary services.

Currently she is working with MSF- Holland as Head of Mission Support/Advocacy in Addis Ababa Ethiopia. Meklite is very passionate on issues related with human rights and it is natural for her to stand for the disadvantaged and advocate for the oppressed.

On top of this, being a lawyer has presented her with the opportunity to volunteer in different Advocacy Organizations such as Addis Ababa University Human Rights Centre, that provides active service for the underserved community. She envisions tackling human rights challenges in her country, through participating in the academic sectors, to empower the youth and by being involved in the policy making process to advocate for better and inclusive policies.