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Mariafernanda Burgos

Academic Background: BA in Political Science with emphasis in Conflict Resolution and Peace Research.

Areas of interest: Peacebuilding, Peacemaking, Peace and Security Agenda, Immigration and Human Rights, Public Policy Structuration, Urban Development, Political Peace and Conflict Research, Planning and Coordination of Social Programs.

Language Proficiency: Spanish, English and basic French.

While Colombia was in a context where peace agreements were being negotiated, Mariafernanda worked with the young population to empower and sensitize them about the role of the new generations in topics such as democracy and peace. In 2014 she joined the International Youth Organization for Ibero-America OIJ based in Madrid Spain, as part of the Programme Office team assisting the projects aimed to promote the Iberoamerican young rights and the inclusion of the young in the Development Agenda 2015 led by the United Nations. She supported the coordination of the II Meeting of the Latin America and Caribbean Regional Network of young parliamentarians held in Bogotá Colombia, and hosted by the regional Bureau for Latin America and Caribbean of the United Nations Development Programmed UNDP.

As a researcher, Mariafernanda worked analyzing the campaign trail and conflict consequences in Colombia at the regional level in 2015 for the Center of Studies in Democracy and Electoral Affairs CEDAE and the results were published as “The Electoral Process of October 2015 in Colombia Electoral Management and Political Dynamics in the National Regional and Local Spheres”. Furthermore, Mariafernanda has been working for peace in spheres of science and art, leading projects such as Science and Innovation for Peace and Peace in Sight, aimed at children and young people in vulnerable situations to develop knowledge and leadership skills.