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Maia Shalashvili

Academic Background: Maia Shalashvili has received Bachelor of Public Administration and Master of Public Administration of International Politics from Georgian Technical University. She has advanced professional knowledge through formal and non-formal courses in the United States, EU and Caucasus: Peace and Conflict Work, International Development and Strategic Planning, University Research Program in Public Administration and Policy, among others.

Areas of interest: Conflict analysis, new technologies in peacebuilding, gender, peace and security, strategic peacebuilding, post-conflict reconstruction, memory studies and reconciliation process.

Work Experience: Maia has been working in the NGO sector since 2006. She has been part of dialogue programs, round table discussions, various projects on internally displaced persons, gender, conflict transformation, and peace education. She has co-operated with non-governmental organizations, educational institutions in the Caucasus, Europe and Asia. Maia has contributed in empowerment of youth, women, conflict-affected societies through mentorship, workshops and miscellaneous programs. She has participated in and facilitated innovative e-programs that encouraged participants from various parts of the world to share knowledge about peacebuilding, gender issues, structural violence and discover new opportunities. Maia has also established online communication channels for safe interaction of the conflict parties in the South Caucasus, and also developed e-courses on peace and conflict work.