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Madhav Prasad Pokharel

Academic background: M.P.A, Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Tribhuvan University, Public Administration Campus, Kathmandu, MPA, 2008. B.Sc., Science and Technology, Mechi Multiple Campus, Bhadrapur, Nepal, 2003.

Languages: English, Nepali and Hindi.

Areas of interest: Public Service Delivery, Study, Writing articles, Travel, Meditation.

Work experience: 13 years of work experience in Civil Service of Nepal. Experience in Truth and Reconciliation Commission, Nepal with the following responsibilities -

  • To work as a part of the subcommittee for the preliminary and final investigation of the complaints that are registered in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Nepal.
  • To work as editor of TRC Bulletin (quarterly publication of the Commission).
  • To manage victim help desk and daily administrative activities of the commission.
  • To coordinate the commission's programs with the Prime Minister's office and National Human Right Commission of Nepal.

Assistant Chief District officer in Jhapa District with the following major duties and responsibilities-

  • To maintain law and order in the district.
  • To co-ordinate and supervise all security agencies in the district.
  • To facilitate and monitor development activities.
  • To lead and co-ordinate Disaster Risk Reduction activities.
  • To distribute the Certificate of Nepalese Citizenship.